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What kind of marking is this?

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I recently purchased a mixmaster artillery shooter. On the rear of the receiver, there are some numbers stamped, which I don't think I have observed before. Can anyone tell me what these numbers represent?

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chuck 17

A couple of questions for you first,

1. Does your mixmaster have a police sear safety on the left side above the side plate.

2. Is their any markings on the grip straps, front or rear.

The markings appear to have the characteristic halo around the numbers which is a good thing to observe and are generally in line with police unit stamping of the Weimar period.

Is it possible that you could tell us more about your mismatched artillery and provide a few more pictures.

The right side of your luger exhibits a lot of heavy pitting from the photo and will help to tell the story so show that side also.

At this time I would speculate that the frame and receiver/barrel are from a different luger as the police to my knowledge did not possess the artillery luger.
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Chuck, the marking appears to be a provisional unit marking as authorized in 1921. Units were instructed to mark their weapons in the manner their commander deemed correct but to mark them in a nonstandard area as the grip strap was to be reserved for the new unit designators that came out in 1922.
Thanks for the responses. There are no grip strap markings nor a sear safety. The pitting is confined to a very small section.

Lugers are fascinating. I think that I am drawn to the LP version.

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