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i keep seeing posts that the russian 'reworked' or otherwise dipped/mismatched but functional lugers with good bores are worth in the $400 to $500 range. i've yet to see one in that range.

either these prices are low or everywhere i've looked is high, which is gun shows, online, pawn shops, and every other place i can think of.

so who wants to sell me an excellent russian re-work for $450?

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Very true, what is interesting, is that 4 years ago, when I got back into the hobby, people were quoting me $350-$450, as we quote about $100 more than then.

So yes, you see $500 guns every now and then, but I think the "average" price has gone up again...


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I agree with Ed, prices have gone up on Lugers. Your best bet is to check the "for sale" listings on this web site and www.lugerforum.com . The collectors on the forums are good guys and sell guns at a fair price.

About a year ago I realized shooting my all matching 1937 date was a bad idea so I bought this Russian rework which had WWII "Black Widow" grips on it for $500.00. I retired the grips to the safe and put on a set of Russian ones.

The gun was all (forced) matching when I got it with a mint bore, except the mag (which was a crappy aftermarket one), I replaced it with a quality mag. The frame is from a WWI regimental marked gun and the top end WWII.

I am thinking of getting another 9mm mismatched, shooter as this type of Russian rework may some day be considered a "variation" by another generation of collectors?

It is 100% cold war variety and shoots great!

You can also find some nice deals on refinished/mismatched pistols at gun shows .... the hunt is almost more fun than getting the prize.

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I have for sale an excellent Luger shooter as follows:
"WTS: Fine Shooter Luger
First the bad points: There are practically no matching numbers. The cannon is WWII and the toggle is WWI. The magazine is a high quality aftermarket. Now the good points: The pistol is tight and in outstanding working order. The barrel is as new with a minty bore. The grips are original wood (not the Russian plastic junk) and in very good condition (except for the small chip near the safety lever. The finish is excellent with no pitting and does not appear to be dipped. I find it hard to tell from an original Luger finish. I am pretty sure this is not a Russian rebuild (it does not have the Russian "X" mark), but is definitely a European import. I have test fired it with not so great handloads and it functioned perfectly. Price is $595. E-mail [email protected]"

I have lowered the price to $550 and photos can be seen in the Lugers for Sale" section of the Luger forum: www.lugerforum.com
If interested, please e=mail me, but I will be away from my computer until Jan. 22.
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