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Bought a Luger for my first, to be a shooter piece- here is the description, but my ? is do I get 30 Luger or Mauser ammo? I'll be set up to reload soon, but until then where can I order some good shooter grade ammo? Grafs had some, anywhere else?

Thanks guys!
Luger - DWM commercial 30 cal


It is a DWM commercial luger made in the early 1920's.
It is a m/m .30 cal shooter.

The slide, barrel and toggle matches themselves and the receiver has
matching receiver, safety bar, safety lever, grips.
Trigger and takedown are m/m.

It comes with an unmarked wwi era clip.

The clip does have some dings but is functional.
The blueing is about 80% and is original.

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.30 Luger ammo is NOT .30 Mauser ammo. They are completely different cartridges meant for completely different chamberings and pistols. The .30 Mauser will not chamber in a Luger. Jerry Burney

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I suggest that you visit some Gun Shows for the .30 Luger ammo. I know Fiocchi makes it still. You can probably pick up some older Western Cart. Co. Ammo also. I went the reloading route but 93 grain .308 heads are not that common either. You can use the 85 grain Sierra soft points though. By the way, an unmarked wood base magazine is absolutely proper for your gun. Sometimes hard to find a spare though since guys buy them and have them marked to their WWI Luger. (Real Collectores don't do that though!!)


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7.65 Luger is getting hard to find. Lapua seems to make it in batches at intervals. Cases are still available, but with smaller primer holes than the ejector pin on most sizer dies (I drill them to size). If cases are not available, I found that they´re not too hard to make out of .223 rifle ammo. There´s a set with a reamer made by RCBS # 58183 and the result is even better than using Fiocci.

But can someone provide info on ammunition for the Reichsrevolver??

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