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Does anyone have a theory on the significance (if any) of the white strips on these grips. The grips are not serialized but one has V and two X stamps (randomly stamped)and what appears to be an eagle. The other only has the eagle. The grips are wood but painted black and they have diagonal grooves cut in them and the grooves are white. Photo showing back of grips is interesting in that they grooves are not symmetrical. My father traded a shotgun for this luger in 1956. Guy he swapped with brought it home from WWII with these white grip stripes. There is also a tiny white mark on the front sight ramp.

Following info previously posted to the Police Banner listing:
SN 115y, 1941 E/L and E/N. Sear safety present, no military acceptance, 8.83 guage but no SN on barrel. One matched mag number 1, crimped with FXO over 37 and P.08, aluminum base.

Download Attachment: 1941 Banner sn 115y.JPG

Download Attachment: SN under barrel sn 115y.JPG

Download Attachment: Left Side sn 115y.JPG

Download Attachment: Right Side sn 115y.JPG

Download Attachment: Grip Strap sn 115y.JPG

Download Attachment: Front Sight sn 115y.jpg

Download Attachment: Wood Grip VXX and eagle proof.JPG
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