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I agree with Webleyman about volume III from Whittington. It is a very good source for information on German/Axis Holsters of WWII. I would go further and suggest that volume II which deals strictly with Axis pistols is also very valuable. I especially like the collectibility tables at the back of Whittington Volume II--maybe somehat outdated but it gives you a sense of scarcity (production estimates) with respect to many different Axis pistols. When you combine these two Whittington volumes with the excellent Jan Still Axis Pistols publication combined with this forum you are darn well armed to seek and find these pistols/holsters we all love! I would further say that having these books and this forum have probably saved me countless mistakes or oversights (translation many dollars) in finding and confirming the authenticity of my Axis pistol pruchases. My advice to anyone entering this collecting arena is BUY the books first and get armed with knowledge and data necessary to buy right and correct the first time.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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