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Presented is an acceptable example of a waffenamt proofed wooden gripped Walther PP. It is of the last year of the war and quality has deteriorated considerable but function is acceptable. Wooden grips were introduced some several thousands serial numbers earlier as resources were in short supply or requirements were needed elsewhere for higher priority items rather than pistol grips. Leather quality is still acceptable but pattern was reduced in size to accommodate several more holsters per hide. Main flap was shorten as well as the lower flap was narrowed. Functional capabilty was not impaired but finsh has been reduced overall.

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183.06KB The waffenamt proof reads WaA14.

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220.16KB There is nothing that you can hide from the camera as I was unware of any blemish on the slide till I saw it on the photo. Had to go back to the weapon and look for myself to see whether anything was there or not. Unfortunately , there is !!

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Harry; I will tell you as I have told many others, one can always find the weapon but look for years and never find the acceptable holster. My principal is to find the holster first and then one can always find the proper gun for it. The holsters are much more rare than the weapon itself.
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