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Worker Marks

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I would be very interested in creating a data base on Worker Marks. From reading this form there seems to be a need for one. Even though I have worked on many a Luger I only recently have become interested in the collecting aspects and have no preconceived ideas about what they mean, a fresh look might provide some interesting results.

I am very good at manipulating data and looking for connections to information, it was a major part of my job for years.

I know that some of you may already have some data and if you could share it with me I could get off to a faster start. I do not have many lugers and can only do this with your help.

If there is enough data, and there should be plenty, I will create a program that everyone can use free of charge. It will provide cross references by date, placement, type ect.
It will be updateable so even if I should drop off the face of the earth everyone could still use it and keep it updated as new guns are evaluated.

Data can be sent to [email protected]

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Sounds like a great idea Vern.

I would divide the guns into years, much like this forum.
Then you should probably state where each marking is on each gun, i.e. left grip area "K" and "G" both capital letters...

Unless you want to specialize in Weimar era reworks, which is I feel the area of most markings, but do not know this for a fact.

I myself will not be able to take pictures for at least the next 10 days, as I am going to be out of town...

I sent out some emails to various Luger parts suppliers with hope of getting them to help us in this project, no actual help yet, but I did get an interesting reply from Tom of Heller Arms. He gave me permission to post his reply.

The last sentence is interesting in that parts suppliers see hundreds if not thousands of parts and at least in Tom’s case seem to believe that there is some correlation to the marks, its location and manufacture.

I have not received much input yet, so I will ask again.

To help we need:

Part name:
Mark: (B through Z) there are no A’s (A’s were rejects)
Mark Size: small or large “if known”
If Frame: Serial Number
If Frame: right or left side
If Frame grip area: top, bottom, or center
If receiver: date if shown
If toggle: name of manufacture (DWM, Erfurt, ect.)
Any other information no the Luger that you feel could be used.

Post info here or send info to

[email protected]

--- [email protected] wrote:
Vern, Since almost every large part of a Luger will
have a "worker's" (inspector's) mark on it, this would seem to be a
huge task. The markings inside the frame and receivers are probably
best gleaned from "un-messed with" matching PO8s. In some cases, some
old out of date "symbol" dies (the Portuguese triangle in a circle on
the back of M1910 Mauser frames & the Brazilian B in a circle on 98Ks)
were used to identify inspectors. It is thought that the letters
under the crowns on Imperial era DWM’s & Effort’s, were the first
letter of an inspector's last name (see Costanzo's WOLs Proof mark book for examples by year for each manufacturer). Where there were duplicate initials, a "rocker" was placed under the letter to make the distinction.
I'm afraid that I don't have the time to list all of the inspector's
numbers or letter found on all of my parts, but I can usually tell
which firm a part is from by the marking and it's location. Tom
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