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* Current asking price for a contemporary 1911 Erfurt from Simpson Ltd. can be found at the following: http://www.simpsonltd.com/erfurt_lugers.htm
* If all</u> matching except mag & 90% original rust blue/60+% Straw, it will be easy to justify to the Mrs'. Any unrefurbished 1911-1914 Erfurt above 90% is becoming a difficult find. Not that many made & 90+ years does take its toll.
* However, Heinz is correct. The droop wing eagle over a number(3 25??) suggests this piece was refurbished at some time after WWI's end. Possibly during the 20's when many WWI battlefield laydowns were resurrected from storage to serve with the Weimar Army/police/others. This can alter the price you may find for an all original example.
* The sight's "D or big n" and the frame's numeral "8" are likely Factory worker acceptance marks signifying completion of manufacturing steps in the area where they appear.
* The crown/letter marks on virtually all the individual parts indicate Army Inspector acceptance of that component. As you may know Erfurt was an Army Arsenal during WWI. The three crown/letter sequence on the right receiver is the progressive assembly Inspector's acceptance of the pistol by the Army. These are not referred to as "proofs". The Eagle on the right receiver, barrel, and left breech block(above the sideplate), however, is the Army proof acceptance.
* Does the toggle lock open (hold back) with an empty magazine inserted? Originally, a 1911 P.08 will not; but, many were retrofitted with a hold open device in 1913.
* This example probably does not have a stock lug on the lower back of the grip (frame). Look for this in Jan's photo's.
* You've probably field stripped the piece. Internal parts which should bear the last 2 digits of the S/N (87) are the trigger, hold open(if present), front breech block of the toggle train, firing pin, and each of the wooden grips. If you are unfamiliar with this take-down proceedure, the other forum you posted has detailed instructions and a number of other sources can provide Instructions. When you come to grip stock removal, be especially careful in removing the left grip as the upper right portion of this grip panel's wood is fragile and can catch/break on the back of the strawed safety lever. Start with removal of the right wood panel. The inside numeric/acceptance markings of the left panel are usually visible when looking through the mag well of the frame once the right panel is removed. Keeps from ever taking the left panel off except for an occasional thorough cleaning.
* We'll look forward to your photo's which will help establish this pistol's condition/lineage.

Good Luck & Great Hunting! Bob
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