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which one do you think is right?

The blue book is based on info from someone and Jan's book is based on reported numbers...

In the big scheme of things, 20k or 7k is a small amount of guns made...

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I went through four books and found 20,000 mentioned in Kenyon's book but I think Jan Still is still right, and it's more pleasant to have one gun out of 7000 rather than one out of 20,000.

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Based on information gathered prior to 1988, three codes of Lugers occupy the contiguous- consecutive “n” and “o” serial range blocks of Lugers dated in 1941. These are the (see page 16, Third Reich Lugers):
1940 dated 42 code Approximately 1"n”-7000"n”
41 dated 42 code Approximately 2500"n” through the “o” block and scattered through the “p”, “q” and “r” block.
41 dated byf code. Approximately 3300"n” through the end of the “z” block and through the ns and most of the a block.

Then 41 42 code production was based on the portion of the three codes of Lugers in the “n” and “o” blocks and the sparse scattered production of 41 42 code lugers across the “p”, “q” and “r” block.

There were only 20,000 lugers produced in the “n” and “o” blocks. If the 41 42code Luger production is increased in the “n” and “o” blocks, the 1940 42 code and 41 byf code will have to be proportionally decreased. I suspect that the production estimate of 20,000 41 42 code Lugers, ignored the overlap in serial ranges and simply assigned all the “n” and “o” production to the 41 42 code.

It would be an interesting project for someone to collect data on the serial numbers of 1940 and 1941 dated 42 and byf code Lugers and update the previous information. To start things off (Note: to avoid confusion with changed serial numbers, reworked and refinished Lugers should not be included below):

1940 42 sn 4487c, E/655, E/655 LTP
1940 42 sn 9569c, E/655, E/655 LTP KM N4682
1940 42 sn 3360h, E/655, E/655 LTP
1940 42 sn 2541m, E/655, E/655 LTP
41 42 sn 2977o, E/655, E/655 LTP
41 42 sn 3562o, E/655, E/655 LTP
41 42 sn 4030o E/655, E/655 LTP.
41 byf sn 9091o, E/655, E/655 LTP, sear safety police matching rig
41 byf sn 9536u, E/655, E/655 LTP
41 byf sn 9190v, E/655, E/655 LTP
41 byf sn 4801, E/135, E/655
Pete supplied this list of sn letter sufixes.

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quote:Originally posted by lisik

...and it's more pleasant to have one gun out of 7000 rather than one out of 20,000.
Yes, I think so too. My "answer" might have seemed a bit flippent, and didn't mean it that way.

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