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Thanks for the photographs.
* 1917 P08, s/n ??: 35.R.6.11. - (35 Füsilier-Regiment, 6 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 11) What is the serial number?

The 35 Füsilier-Regiment was part of the 6th, 56th, and 228 Infantry Division during World War I. It started World War I as part of the First German Army. In 1915 the 35 Füsilier-Regiment battled on the Eastern Front in Serbia and Galicia and on the Western Front in France at Champagne. In 1916 it fought in the titanic battles of the Somme and Verdun. It remained on the Western Front until the Wars end.(Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army that participated in the War 1914-1918)

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JCS has asked for the serial # of your pistol. Given the fact that he has provided you the benefit of his research, IMHO, the least you could do would be to give him the serial #. This information is important for his data base. If you feel uncomfortable posting the info on the forum ?!?!, send it to him in a private email. Don't be an ingrate.
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