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For what it's worth:
Charles Pate, in his excellent book "U.S. Handguns of WWII: The Secondary Pistols and Revolvers," quotes from the annual reports of Springfield Armory concerning cleaning and repairing of M1917s:
1941 - 10,232 S&W and 4,071 Colts were reconditioned. Another 2950 S&W in progress.
1942 - 3 S&W, no Colts.
1943 - No specifics.
1944 - 100 Colts
1945 - 18,501 S&W and 16,064 Colts.
1946-48 - None.
Col. Pate states that refinishing would necessarily be Parkerizing.
Also, near war's end contracts were evidently let to the manufacturers for reconditioning.

Some repaired M1917s are stamped SA for Springfield Armory, others RIA for Rock Island. There's more info on this in the book.
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