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I purchased this WWII German Army Marked M1922 (P626(b)) pistol/rig a while ago and finally got around to snapping some pictures today.

The M1922 was the most heavily produced pistol at the FN plant. This one is WaA140 marked and has all matching numbers. It is a well used pistol with significant blue loss on the front of the slide and barrel lug but no pitting and is mechanically very sound. It has well used wood checkered grip panels. This pistol looks like it has been used and carried significantly in the field.

What intrigued me about this rig is it came with a German soldier identification tag (dog tag). I have no idea if the soldier id on this tag was actually the soldier issued this pistol but who knows! The package included the holster (inside of flap ink stamped "nur fur lange Browning Pistole Kal. 7,65") an extra magazine and this dog tag that looks/feels like it is made out of aluminum or zinc. It was designed to break in half (information on top of tag repeated on bottom half) and this one has a old piece of dark green string fitted through the tag hole so it could worn around the neck.

From the research that the seller sent to me about the tag it apparently reads as follows: 1st line = Cadre Company Soldier ID No. 5676 Blood type A, 2nd line = Tank Hunter Replacement Battalion 91.

ABT = Abteilung = a Battalion in Armored Units (Panzer).

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any further insight or information to add it would be appreciated. THANKS!

Download Attachment: Browning M1922 Rig.jpg

Download Attachment: M1922 Left Side.jpg

Download Attachment: M1922 Right Side.jpg

Download Attachment: M1922 German Markings.jpg

Download Attachment: German Dog Tag.jpg

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I have an affinity for the FN M1922. Yours looks like a very nice rig. It is very common for these pistols to have holster wear on the slide extension. I find the deaths head on the holster to be rather curious and tend to be a little dubious about its authenticity but the dog tag is very interesting.

I have a Waffenamt marked FN M1922 whose number appears to only be about 3,500 higher than yours. I don't know that I have seen any having a 6 digit serial number that were numbered higher than mine. Yours is as close as I've seen, as best as I remember. Shortly after ours were made the Germans started using the letter suffix.

Thanks for sharing.
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