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Here is a high polished Cz 38 pistol chambered in the .380 acp. Pistol is all matching (slide, frame) with the correct test proof stamps on frame, slide and barrel. No import marks. This one was developed for the Cz army by the serial number, so no german markings or acceptance stamps on the gun. Magazines hold 9 rounds and also have no markings of any sort. After the Germans took over the Czech Republic, the pistols were issued to the German army, and was designated as the P. 39 (t), hence the correct issued holster with the P. 39 (t) marking, along with "cxb 40" and "WaA 727".

Additionally, there are Cz 38 pistols with a german acceptance stamp, but i believe they are harder to find. Also, there are magazines and holsters marked with a "SA" marking, designating them to Finnish property, as some of these pistols were used by Finnish soldiers.

Lastly, there is a "RHD" mark inside the holster, not quite sure what it is so leave a comment below on.
Also, out of curiosity were these pistols ever issued with matching numbered magazines?

Hope you enjoyed!

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RHD most likely is the intials of the soldier who captured it or brought it back.

Its interesting that the Czechs were able to continue manufacturing this pistol, and the DUO, after the German occupation began yet not have to mark the pistols with any German proofs or inspections, even commercial ones. Does anyone know why that was?
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