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WWII German Commercial Holster for the Hi-Power

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The Robert Larsen Company manufactured a very small number of holsters from "Ersatz" materials for the Hi-Power. One example noted is marked "ROBERT LARSEN", over "BERLIN SW68", all over "1941". It is a black pebble grained holster with a tip similar to that of the Radom holster, and has a pull down closure strap. It is similar in style to a breakaway type holster except that the holster is one piece in this area. Although the Robert Larsen Company dedicated most of its production to the needs of the German police, this holster was for the commercial market.

The Larsen marked holster is dated 1941 and was certainly made to carry one of the many thousands of Hi-Powers seized by the Germans after the Belgian surrender.

Front view:


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Front view angle - showing bottom of holster:


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Closeup of markings (on inside of flap):


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I take the opportunity of your very interesting HP holster to sent views of a .32 ACP pistol holster (Walther PP or Mauser 1934?) from the same manufacturer with similar markings:
"ROBERT LARSEN" in half a circle over "BERLIN - SW68 - 1937" and a police eagle.
Maybe someone could help me identifying for what pistol model it was manufactured and if it is really a police eagle?

Download Attachment: ROBERT LARSEN holster.JPG

Download Attachment: Markings SW68-1937.JPG
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Your 1937 Robert Larson is commonly found with/for the Weimer police 1907 Dreyse.
Thanks for the info huggiebear, I didn't know that Weimar police officers used that kind of holster but mine is not in mint condition and wears traces of a pistol with a large trigger so a Dreyse 1907 with its small trigger couldn't leave such an impression. Can anyone identify the eagle under the markings ?
If the eagle is under the holster markings that you are referring to, then it would be a Nazi Police proof.
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